Reverend Chuan Kung Shakya


I was ordained Reverend Chuan Kung Shakya in August 1998 at the Hsu Yun temple in Honolulu by Master Jy Din Shakya in the Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun. Master Jy Din Shakya was a disciple of the great twentieth century Ch'an master, Master Hsu Yun. Click here for pictures of my masters.

I live in the Washington DC Metro area and run the Maitri Aranya Zen Buddhist Center where I teach Zen Buddhism and meditation and give spiritual guidance. I also give private and group Hatha yoga instruction.

Naturally, I also give Zen lessons over the internet for those who do not live in this area.

Other services: Reiki (distance and hands-on energy healing), yogic nutritional counseling, weddings and other ceremonies.

Otherwise, of course, I do Zen painting and other Zen art. Zen art is quite simply another method of of both Zen practice and Zen teaching. You can learn more about Zen art, and enjoy the artwork, elsewhere in this website.

For more information on anything here, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Peace and Blessings! May you be filled with Joy and Light!

Zen, Nutrition, and Yoga

The Zen Path