Zen, Nutrition, and Hatha Yoga

As we follow the Noble Eightfold Path, we find that all other aspects of our lives are encompassed within it. Nutrition and exercise are very important to smooth success on the Zen path. Students of the dharma must look closely at every aspect of their lives, and incorporate them into their practice. When we look closely, we find that "we are what we eat", and accordingly as we eat more nutritiously and in the spirit of Zen, we find that our minds clear up, making meditation easier. Also important for the clarity of mind necessary for meditation is to sit in Lotus posture. The more we meditate and accommodate ourselves to this posture, we will find that our bodies may become stiff and neglected and cry out for some good stretching. If we pay no heed to what our bodies tell us regarding food or exercise, we shall suffer the consequences. Nutrition and Yoga are part of Right Action. Zen guides us through the stresses of our daily lives leading us to enlightenment, freedom from suffering. While Zen requires us to always look deeply at every aspect of our lives, meditation, yoga, and nutrition form a framework for focused deep looking.