A Walk Through the Garden

Below you will find my nature works. These are all places I've been. I name them by location and subject matter. These paintings are created by just sitting with the plant, in pure admiration and using oil and color to portray the luminous life energy emanating from the plant. Looking deeply, I aim to capture its essence. Enjoy!

All images herein: Copyright Gwen Goertzel 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Wolffe's Pond Park
oil; 1997; 20x20
This is a close up of a tree in the park on Staten Island in October. How that yellow shone with the light of the sun upon it!
oil; 1997; 20x20
A tree outside of my father-in-law's house. I adore these trees that line the streets in Haddonfield. This was painted soon after the birth of my third child, Scheherazade.
Ted's Tree
oil;1997; 24X36
A tree seen from the back porch of my father-in-law's house. Soon after it was painted, the house was torn down, but the tree remains.
Poppy Tree
oil;1995; 18X24
When I lived in Perth, one day a single flower sprang up in my yard. I didn't know what kind of flower it was. I thought I'd never seen this type before. It was the most dazzlingly bright red I'd ever seen. I fell instantly in love and sat right down to paint it. I had trouble portraying that perfect red, and I didn't like the results. So, I cut it up and created the Poppy Trees instead. Meanwhile, I continued to try to capture the beauty of the Poppy...
Poppy Field
oil;1995; 18X24
After my failed attempt to paint that single poppy, I searched the neighborhood for more poppies. I found a field of them a block away. I couldn't sit there in the street to paint it. So, I took some photos and painted one of those.