Flower Women

This is my most recent variety of painting. I don't know quite what it means. As usual with my work, the abstracted bald nude woman represents woman in her essence. The flower represents her connection with spirit. She is caught between two worlds, representing different aspects like sweet motherhood, pure sensuality, or coyness. Or perhaps it is just pure form. Sometimes it is, to be sure. Also represented is woman's relationship with her environment, pure and full space.

All images herein: Copyright Gwen Goertzel 1999. All Rights Reserved.

Yellow Purple Woman
oil; 1999; 20x30
Orange Flower Woman
oil; 1998; 20x30
Spirit Flower Woman
oil;1998; 24X36
Mother and Child
oil;1998; 18X24
Red Flower Woman
oil; 1998; 30x30
White Flower Woman
oil; 1998; 24x30
Blue Flower Woman
oil; 1998; 28x28