My Eternal Prayer to Humanity

With so much death, or even the threat of death, around us daily, how can we do anything but care for each other and be good to each other to the best of our ability? How can we think things, these trivial things we find so important in our daily lives, really matter so much as to bring suffering upon another? We need to learn how to do good and be good. The first and most vital step in doing this is just to think about it, to reflect on it, and consider what it means in our every action and word. This is mindfulness, mindfulness towards the peace and well-being of all peoples.

This has been a very difficult year full of major catastrophes and large-scale human suffering. But even as I say this, when I consider the world and all of humankind, I have to reassess that statement, and wonder what year, ever, hasnít been full of major human suffering. Somewhere in the world there is always war, people killing each other, rampant disease, natural disasters, and starvation.

With all of this in mind, I ask that we all cherish each moment when we are not suffering. Even when we are suffering, we have beauty all around us, many good things to consider. Let us consider these good and beautiful things and learn to appreciate them. Let us be good to each other while we have each other, because one day our friends and relatives and even acquaintances wonít be there with us in mind or body. Let us, at very least, fully appreciate this life, while we have it, even if just that is the only thing we have to appreciate. Let us always be good and do good. Love to all.

Reverend Chuan Kung Shakya