Art by Zadi Okilani


Scheherazade Okilani Goertzel

Ceramic sculptor, videographer, and video editor, fascinated with the expression of movement,
ideas, and emotions as 3D forms.

Statement from the artist:

As a ceramic sculptor, I embrace an intuitive approach to my process of creation. The concepts for my pieces come to me through my hands rather than my mind, and the meaning behind them unfolds as the artwork takes shape. My sculptures embody graceful movement and evoke an entrancing aura of pleasantly unsettled emotions - a harmonious blend of delight and confusion in the face of the enigmatic universe. They create a visual dialogue that blends the organic with the mechanical, the human with the animal, and the spiritual with the physical. I aim to challenge human perception and spark imagination through my art, encouraging deep appreciation for the unconventional. My art evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity, inviting the viewer to look more closely and question their own perceptions and assumptions. For this reason, I believe that my art should primarily speak for itself, giving the viewer freedom to interpret the mysterious and surreal world that I aim to bring to life.

All artwork seen here is for sale, except those already sold. If you are interested in something, email me: or

All images herein: Copyright © Scheherazade Goertzel 2023. All Rights Reserved.

wax and apoxie clay; 2021; 10"x21"2x10"

clay; 2021; 8"x 8" x 10"